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6 Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Veneers

July 9, 2021

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dentist holding a row of veneers in front of a patient’s smile

Are you interested in making your dream smile a reality? If so, then veneers are one of the best choices currently available. These thin ceramic shells completely cover a tooth to instantly mask several aesthetic concerns at once. However, veneers are also a huge investment, and they’re also considered an irreversible treatment. It’s important to be certain that you’re making the right decision. To that end, it helps to read these six facts about veneers that you should know before going through with the treatment.

1. Not Everyone Is a Good Candidate for Veneers

As versatile as veneers are, they’re not suitable for everyone. For example, patients with extremely crooked teeth may require orthodontic treatment instead. Certain medical conditions or very thin enamel may also disqualify you from veneers. Even if you only have minor issues that need fixing, you must be free of oral health problems like gum disease or tooth decay.

2. Veneers Look 100% Natural

Veneers are customized to create a flawless version of your smile without making it obvious. After they’ve been placed, others shouldn’t even be able to tell that you had dental work done. In fact, many celebrities have improved their smiles with veneers, including Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, and Morgan Freeman.

3. You Don’t Need Veneers on All of Your Teeth

If you only have a single tooth that bothers you, it’s possible to just get one veneer. However, most dentists will recommend getting an even number to ensure a symmetrical appearance.

4. Your Dentist Won’t Remove a Whole Lot of Tooth Enamel

Many patients are concerned about the amount of tooth structure that will have to be shaved down before placing veneers. In reality, your dentist will only need to remove a sliver that is about as thin as a contact lens.

5. In a Way, Veneers Are Permanent

Enamel does not grow back once it has been lost. Teeth that have been prepped for veneers will always need some sort of covering for protection. The good news is that with the right maintenance, veneers can last for 10-20 years on average before they’ll have to be repaired or replaced.

6. You’ll Need to Care for Your Investment

To keep your veneers firmly bonded to your teeth, you should avoid chewing on hard objects like pens, ice, or fingernails. Daily oral hygiene is also essential, as it keeps the teeth supporting your veneers healthy and strong.

Before moving forward with any dental treatment, it’s important to feel fully confident in your decision. If you still have questions, reach out to your dentist – they’ll be more than happy to provide you with all of the facts about veneers that you need!

About the Author

Dr. Candice Denison earned her doctorate in dentistry from the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston. She is certified in all areas of general dentistry, including cosmetic services like veneers. At Kinsey Drive Family Dental, she provides custom veneers to help patients in Tyler, TX and the surrounding communities enhance their smiles. To learn more facts about veneers, you can contact her practice at 903-561-7604.

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