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Say Goodbye to Insecurities About Your Teeth

Not everyone is born with a flawless set of pearly whites. In fact, many of your favorite celebrities with seemingly perfect smiles have likely undergone cosmetic dentistry work. One of the most popular treatments is veneers, which can make virtually all imperfections in your teeth disappear at the same time. If you’re self-conscious about chipped, discolored, or gapped teeth, rest assured that you don’t have to pay outrageous Hollywood prices to have a Hollywood smile! At Kinsey Drive Family Dental, Dr. Candice Denison provides custom veneers in Tyler, TX for fair prices. If you’re ready to say goodbye to insecurities about your teeth, then contact us today to learn more about this smile-transforming service!

Why Choose Kinsey Drive Family Dental for Veneers?  

What Are Dental Veneers?

model of several veneers being placed over a patient’s upper front teeth

With a minimally invasive procedure, veneers can correct multiple cosmetic concerns about your smile in just a couple of appointments. A veneer is a thin shell made of dental porcelain, a material that is as durable as it is lifelike. Not only does porcelain look like real tooth enamel, but it’s even more stain-resistant than natural teeth!

A veneer is designed to cover the front-facing surface of a troublesome tooth. Because it conceals the entire visible portion, practically all of the tooth’s aesthetic flaws disappear. Stubborn stains, cracks, and chips can all be a thing of the past. You can even use veneers to close small gaps or fix mildly crooked teeth without spending months or years wearing braces.

The Process of Getting Veneers

cosmetic dentist in Tyler holding a row of veneers up to a patient’s smile

Since veneers are quite versatile, most patients with generally good oral health are eligible for them. Still, you’ll need to attend a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Tyler, TX just to make sure any cavities or gum infections are taken care of beforehand. During your consultation, our team can even show you a sneak peek of what your results might look like with our digital imaging technology!

After your consultation, you’re scheduled for the first of the two appointments it will take to receive veneers. Dr. Denison prepares your teeth by cleaning them and removing the outermost sliver of enamel to ensure the veneers sit flush. Next, we take digital impressions of your prepped teeth, which we send to a dental lab in the area.

It can take them a few weeks to make sure the veneers are the exact size, shape, and color that we want. Until then, we can place temporary veneers over your teeth. As soon as your permanent veneers arrive at our office, we call you back to schedule your second appointment. All that’s left to do is make sure your veneers look and feel natural before bonding them into place.

The Benefits of Veneers

dentist placing a veneer onto a patient’s tooth

Veneers are by far one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services we offer, and for good reason! You’ll enjoy several benefits with this treatment, including:

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